By completing this registration information, MSI will send you an email containing the download link for our free phishing tool, SimplePhish.

While SimplePhish is a complete phishing tool, capable of being used to catch a variety of phishing emails sent as bait, the tool captures the login and only part of the exposed password to prevent further risks to the organization. SimplePhish is a great tool, but you still have to do the work of crafting and sending the email bait, plus standing up the SimplePhish tool to catch the responses.

MSI also offers phishing services to our clients as a complete, managed solution. We leverage our bleeding edge threat intelligence to craft industry-specific targeted phishing messages, and bring users to completely customized, often branded, capture pages. We offer these services on an ad-hoc and subscription basis at incredibly affordable prices.

If you would like to learn more about our phishing services, please drop us an email to or give us a call at 614-351-1237 for assistance.

Either way, enjoy MSI::SimplePhish as our pro-bono attempt to help you make your world a little safer for all of us!